GFinSer's Intelligent Finance Platform

Overcome Complexity and Facilitate Confident Decision-Making

Extend business value exponentially by combining financial and operational processes and data and replacing silos of CPM software, spreadsheets, and unconnected point solutions.

“We have significantly more time to spend examining data rather than updating data, and the flexibility of GFinSer enables us to respond swiftly to changing business needs.”

Capabilities of a Composite Platform

GFinSer is the only totally expandable platform in the CPM market, allowing organizations to build new solutions directly on the platform and unify increasing business requirements with existing processes without the need to add and manage numerous software modules.

Every day, our unified platform assists finance and operations teams in collaborating by providing a single source of truth and user experience for planning, financial close & consolidation, reporting, and analytics.

Vital Platform Enablers

Quality Data Administration

Incorporate and analyze data from numerous sources to ensure you may make confident decisions based on accurate financial and operational outcomes.

Integrated Financial Intelligence

With GFinSer’s built-in awareness of accounts, currencies, ownership, and intercompany activity across financial close and other processes, you can reduce time to value.

Consolidated Data Structure that is Extensible

In a single, unified application, GFinSer meets corporate standards while also meeting more detailed line of business planning and reporting requirements.

Analytical Services

Allows teams to apply trustworthy financial intelligence to huge volumes of operational data from diverse sources in order to spot themes and economic signals that drive informed business decisions at the speed of business.

AI Technologies

With GFinSer’s built-in AI Services, you can break down the obstacles to enterprise-wide adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Solution Swapping

The GFinSer’s Solution Exchange enables customers to leverage their platform investment by accessing over 75 pre-built business and effectiveness options from GFinSer, our partners, and our broader ecosystem.

  • Cloud platform with a single tenant and multiple instances that is very secure.
  • Supports industry standards for security and privacy, such as SOC1, SOC2, HIPAA, and FedRAMP.
  • Guided Workflows simplify processes and activities, allowing users to focus on data quality and results rather than system mechanics.